December 10th, 2005

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I'm new to the community, and I love it simply for existing. :P

Although I admit, most of my DVD money goes to the big sparkly Super Ultra Colossal Mega Volcanic Diamond Edition collector's sets from Disney, Warner Bros., etc, I also like to indulge myself and buy cheap-o DVDs of public domain titles, most notably the ones only costing $1. I have spent a little more though.

Last Christmas at Big Lots, I found TWO wonderful box sets that I still haven't completely finished watching yet. Mainly because one was glitched severely in my old player, but they're all fine in the new one.

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I also own plenty of $1 DVDs. Two come from Brentwood Home Video, two come from Digiview Productions, and one is from "Dollar DVD," which I believe was owned by the Brentwood Home Video owners.

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Well now that I've sufficiently bored you all, I think I'll end this post now. :P