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November 8th, 2005

About Nothing over 6 bucks each!

DVDs for 25 cents at WalMart 04:17 pm
Hi all,

Just a note to let you know that I found some old "B" movies on DVD hidden away in the Halloween section of WalMart. They had a post-Halloween sale of 75 percent off, so these former dollar DVDs were just 25 cents each!

I picked up "The Killer Shrews," "Attack of the Giant Leeches," "White Zombie" and "Carnival of Souls." They also had "The Brain that Wouldn't Die," "The Ape" and some others which I already own.

They were Digiview, so they were of varying quality. The picture in "The Killer Shrews" was quite good, but the opening pseudo-documentary was cut off. "Leeches" looked a little murky, but for some reason was in widescreen (!). But hey, for a quarter who gives a shrew's a--.

I wrote a letter of complaint to Digiview a few months ago because their transfer of "The Phantom Empire" was so poor it was virtually unwatchable. But some of their other titles are not so bad.


A quart of milk, a dozen eggs, and some really freaky movies 04:29 pm
Hi all,

My local grocery store (Stop & Shop) has a bin of EastWest DVDs for a dollar. I got a great copy of the old "Puff the Magic Dragon" TV special (Burgess Meredith sings!), the terrific Lewis Carroll fantasy "Dreamchild" (which for some reason is paired on the same disc with an incomprehensible Italian caper comedy), and Argento’s "Creepers," which also has the unintentionally funny "City of the Walking Dead" on it.

I also picked up some great animation there. As someone mentioned previously on this journal, some old animation festival stuff is here. I’ll confirm it’s really worth the dollar. I also found one called “Children’s Classics” or something similar. That also turned out to be some funky shorts that are well worth seeing.

I found UPA’s “Alice of Wonderland in Paris” to be a nice transfer but somewhat of a bore, and “Asterix and Cleopatra,” which has some nice animation, but also boring to sit through. For no reason I can think of, “Alice” also has some really bad transfers of Daffy Duck cartoons at the end.

They also had a DVD of Harryhausen stop-motion fairy tales, which are pretty freaky and scared my kids. Scared me, too.

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