October 18th, 2005

benny wtf

Possible reasons for the Dollar Tree horror recall

While the store I originally found the memo at(Houston, Texas) still has all of the "Fiendish Five" Family Value Collection horror DVDs, they have been removed from a lot of stores it seems. The reason? Most seem to think it's because of two reasons. Four of them have cover art(and most likely the film) stolen from Alpha Video and Castle Of Blood is obviously taken from the Synapse version. They even messed up on the Castle of Blood transfer by incorrectly ripping the anamorphic picture, leaving the whole movie looking like the title sequence of a bad kung-fu flick AND forgetting to transfer the subtitles for the numerous sequences in French.

Here are some comparisons of the original Alpha covers with the Family Value versions.


Revolt Of The Zombies is also put out by Alpha but has completely different cover art. The Family Value cover does have a disturbing similarity to the title screen of the 16-bit console game Zombies Ate My Neighbors. I'd still love to know where they got those Zombies from!

Here's some discussion at DVD Maniacs.
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