June 8th, 2005

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New double feature dollar DVDs found at Kroger and elsewhere

I found these at a few local Kroger grocery stores in Houston for a buck each, but it has been reported they were found elsewhere for 1.99. Each has two movies on a single side with no chapter stops. The company is East West DVD and their website is www.EastWestDVD.com.
It's all stuff I love mostly from the 70's and 80's. There's some pretty suspect stuff here especially the Blue Manhattan(AKA Hi Mom!) / Brother From Another Planet disc, both which are available officially from MGM home video here and here. It's not often you can get a Brian De Palma/John Sayles double feature for a buck. That's a savings of almost 34 dollars off the list price!

Here are all the double features. As you might notice, they all pretty much start with the letters A, B, or C. Looks like they have a lot of titles planned.

I've only seen pack 1 and pack 2 so far. i hope i find the 3rd, 'cause I want them all.

While the live action film selection is stellar, the same cannot be said for their children's fare. Most of the titles come from some german animation company called Dingo Pictures and are based on many the same properties Disney already has made films about. While the covers often look like ripoffs of Disney art(to the point of copyright infringement), the animation within does not. And they suck. Really, really suck. Enough to the point of being amusingly bad, but not worth a dollar each as there isn't more than 45 minutes on each disc. The animated gifs on the company's website is about as complicated as the animation gets.
No, really. I'm not joking.

But wait, it gets even stranger!

The console game company Phoenix Games("The Only European Super Budget Publisher") sells psone and PS2 games that have the exact same Dingo Pictures movies on them except they're supplemented with lame jigsaw and concentration games. Sony's European quality control seems pretty lax.

Here's the animation discs East West currently offers:

Adventures of the Dalmations 2
Nice Cats
Little Deer
Prince of Egypt
Toys Room
Wabuu The Little Raccoon
Wolf and the 7 Goats
Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
Bremen Town Musicians, The
Jamie the Little Pig
Sword of Camelot
Cat On Boots
Notre Dame
Lion and His Son 2
Mouse Police
Lord of the Rainforest
Winky the Little Bear
Frog King

some of the shorter titles are padded with your usual PD cartoons, but nothing special.

I'll end this post with some choice text from the Dingo Pictures website.

"Janis, that's the name of the little pig, is creating a wicked disorder all the time. Until the day when a man appears on the farm who wants to buy a sucking pig. And it is just Janis, he chooses."