April 24th, 2005


New genius DVD 2-packs at 99 Cents Only

As reported a few weeks back on popmusicpopculture by reluctantpopstar, 99 Cents Only has gotten a new selection of genius entertainment DVDs in thin plastic cases. I finally got them in my area. There are some repeats of previous television releases, so make sure you check your lists. I got suckered into buying Crusade In The Pacific yet again. The TV discs all have four eps and the movies discs have two flicks.

The best part(for me at least) is that genius is releasing movies from the 70's! I hope they keep bringing out more flicks from this favorite film decade of mine. Transfers are decent, but both movies are on one side of the disc. I have to say, for genius, the covers are pretty lacking. I wonder if anyone is actually paying the suggested 9.95 cover price?

Gang Busters (1952)

Crusade In The Pacific (1951)

Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu (1956)

The Cisco Kid, Vol. 2 (1950)

The Roy Rogers Show Vol. 3 (1951)

Sissy Spacek
Ginger in the Morning (1974)
Katherine (1975)

Jack Palance
The Cop in Blue Jeans (1976)
Man in the Attic (1953)

Dean Stockwell
Paper Man (1971)
Born to be Sold (1981)

Burgess Meredith
The Yin and Yang of Mr. Go (1970)
Winterset (1936)

Demi Moore / Cheryl Ladd
Choices (1981)
The Treasure Of Jamaica Reef (1976)

Diane Ladd
Embryo (1976)
The Steagle (1971)

Amanda Blake / Richard Pryor
Betrayal (1974)
The Black Brigade (1970)

Jack Palance / George Hamilton
The McMasters (1970)
Medusa (1973)

Brian Dennehy / Bruce Lee
A Real American Hero (1978)
The Real Bruce Lee (1973)

Angie Dickinson / Dean Smith
A Sensitive Passionate Man (1977)
Seven Alone (1974)

David Janssen
Moon of the Wolf (1972)
Prisoner in the Middle (1977)

Robert De Niro
Born to Win (1971)
The Swap (1969)

Lloyd Bridges
Abilene Town (1946)
Trapped (1949)

Forrest Tucker
The Big Cat (1949)
Rage At Dawn (1955)