January 11th, 2005


3 dollar Universal movies at Wal-Mart

Just saw a large display in the electronics section of Wal-Mart of about 60 different titles on DVD for 3 dollars each. They're in paper sleeves much like the genius entertainment dollar release, but without the envelope-like fold over flap. They all have a Universal logo and the applicable production company logo(most are by Hearst Entertainment, Inc.). The discs are all the same, white with black text and they reveal who's behind all of these, Kreative Digital Entertainment. These are all the titles I could see, I think there are a few more that I wasn't able to transcribe.

The Almost Perfect Bank Robbery
American Streetfighter
Ancient Warriors
Bay Cove
Black Friday
Blind Witness
Bonds Of Love
Capital Punishment
Closer and Closer
Codename: Dancer
Dancing in the Dark
David's Mother
Deadly Justice
The Deadly Look of Love
death ride to Osaka
Evidence of Love
Evil in Clear River
Eyes of a Stranger
Fatal Blade
Full Impact
Get Smart, Again!
God Bless the Child
Goddess Of Love
High School U.S.A.
Hit and Run
Hobbs End
Hush Little Baby
A Kiss So Deadly
L.A.P.D.: To Protect and to Serve
Maid for Each Other
Man Against the Mob
Ed McBain's 87th Precinct: Ice
My Mother, the Spy
Naked Lie
Night Owl
Nightmare at Bitter Creek
No One Could Protect Her
Now and Forever
The People vs. Jean Harris
Pocket Ninjas
The Parade
Prince of Bel Air
See Jane Run
The Spreading Ground
The House Next Door
The Ultimate Game
Web of Deception
When the Cradle Falls
A Whisper Kills
Wrong Number