November 24th, 2004

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Other freaky children's dollar DVDs at Kroger

I went by another Kroger's to see if they happen to have any of the DVDs listed on the sleeve that I didn't see in the displays. Lo and behold, the store I checked had two displays, but one was all freaky children's fare. they were all only 30 minutes long(damn!). They came in three flavors: Cartoons, Fairy Godmother and Friends(with Rosemary DeCamp), and Gepetto's Workshop.

The cartoon only discs have 3 cartoons, and from the screenshots, they look to be mostly Asian or European. All seem to be based on various traditional fairy tales, some very obscure. One title I remember, "Film, Film, Film!" is Russian in origin.

The "Fairy Godmother & Friends" consist of live action segments starring Rosemary De Camp and a cartoon. It looks to be 80's or so, shot on video. maybe some children's show. I can't find any info about it. Looks awful.

The "Gepetto's Workshop" discs are the same, live action and one cartoon. Again, from the screenshots, they look terrible. Gepetto's cat is played by a guy in a cat costume with a painted face.

I'll have to wait a few days untill I can pick some up to check them out. As I will describe later in a review on the "Media, Movies, & More" disc that I've picked up so far. some of the transfers are awful. "Stranger On my Land"(it only uses 1.6 gigs) and "Five Corners" look like really poor VCDs, the compression artifacts are so heavy. But "Out Of The Blue"(it uses 2.6 gigs) looks pretty good.

By the way., I was so poor today, I couldn't even pick up a couple of the DVDs for inspection. if you like the Cheap DVD info, and can help by donation a few bucks(At least. Anything less gets eaten up by paypal fees), please do. All funds will go towards buying crappy dollar DVDs.

Thank you, and goodnight!