November 23rd, 2004


Dollar DVDs at Kroger!

I was alerted to the fact that Kroger(at least in Houston and the Beaumont area in Texas that I know of personally) has a selection of dollar DVDs. They're by a company called "Media Movies & More", a Canadian outfit. They come in these flimsy, weird, very slim(but not flat) cardboard cases with the DVD in a paper envelope on the inside. I found them at two stores generally near the front in a 5 foot high cardboard display. Here are the titles I saw:
 John Wayne films:
The Dawn Rider
Lawless Range
Blue Steel
The Lucky Texan
The Star Packer
Paradise Canyon
Randy Rides Alone
Two Fisted Law
Hurricane Express
Single episodes of Four Star Playhouse(only 30 minutes each!):
The Gun - Dick Powell
The Squeeze - Dick Powell (written by Blake Edwards!)
The Returning
- Dick Powell
Go Ahead & Jump - Dick Powell
Backstage - Charles Boyer
The Bomb - David Niven (written & directed by Blake Edwards!)
Thin Line - David Niven
Trudy - Joan Fontaine
Hi De Ho - Cab Calloway
Night Of The Living Dead
Tarzan - The Trappers & The Fearless
Colorado - Roy Rogers
The Lady Vanishes
 - Alfred Hitchcock
A String Of Beads - Angela Lansbury/A Brief Affair - Joanne Dru (episodes of Four Star Playhouse & Henry Fonda Presents The Star And The Story, respectively)
The Painted Hills - Lassie
Strike Force
- Richard Gere
Desert Story
- Jan Sterling (episode of Henry Fonda Presents The Star And The Story)
Battle Force - Henry Fonda
Power, Passion, & Murder - Michelle Pfeiffer
Abraxas - Jesse Ventura
Guns Of Diablo
- Charles Bronson
The Frightened Witness - Duryea/Dan Marshall's Brat - Patty McCormack (2 episodes of Cavalcade Of America)
Major Of St. Lo - Peter Graves (episode of Cavalcade Of America)
Act Of Decision
- Frank Lovejoy (episode of Henry Fonda Presents The Star And The Story)
Rich & Strange - Alfred Hitchcock
Brain Washing Of John Hayes
- Vincent Price/Hand To Hand - Zachary Scott (episodes of TV Reader's Digest & Henry Fonda Presents The Star And The Story, respectively)
Utopia - Laurel & Hardy
Mesmerized - Jodie Foster & John Lithgow
- Andy Rooney
The Lucy Show Vol. 2 (No Vol. 1!)
Road To Bali
- Bob Hope & Bing Crosby
Lovers & Liars - Goldie Hawn
Laser Mission - Brandon Lee
Tulsa - Susan Hayward
The New Adventures Of Heidi (1978)
The Terror
- Jack Nicholson & Boris Karloff
Shirley Temple Classics (8 short films)
White Fang To The Rescue
One Eyed Jacks
- Marlon Brando
The Swap - Robert DeNiro
Five Corners
- Jodie Foster, Tim Robbins, & John Turturro
Stranger On My Land - Tommy Lee Jones
Out Of The Blue
- Dennis Hopper (excellent widescreen print)
Desperate For Love - Christian Slater
The Last Time I Saw Paris - Elizabeth Taylor
The Snows of Kilimanjaro - Gregory Peck
America's First Great Lady - Gloria Talbot/Britain's Most Baffling Murder (2 episodes of TV Reader's Digest)
Some extremely common items, but there's also really obscure stuff, especially for the dollar range. Not too excited by the discs with only a single 30 minute TV episode. When I get some cash(time to donate more plasma!), I'm going to go back and pick up a few more, now that I've done some research. I'll post pictures and info on the five that I got tomorrow.