November 14th, 2004


Spanish dollar DVDs!

If you're in Houston, Texas and want the Treasure Box Spanish dollar DVDs, go the "Giant $1" at 59 and Bissonett. Otherwise, you'll have to get these off the web somewhere. Here's what they have.

Tango Bar (1935)
La Malquerida (1949)
Feliz año amor mío (1957)
Ahí está el detalle (1940)
Doña Perfecta (1951)
Pancho Villa (1972)
The Children of Sanchez (1978)
Faustina (1957)
Camelia (1954)
Del otro lado del puente (1980)

Well, except for Pancho Villa and Children Of Sanchez, they’re all straight up Mexican or Spanish movies. I seriously doubt that there's subtitles or english tracks on any of them, so I didn't get them.

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My name's Kitsune. I'm a friend of packratshow, and I'm going to talk about a DVD I got at a local Rite-Aid Pharmacy for $6. It's one of those DVD cartoon compilations that has nothing but public domain cartoons. The title is "Felix the cat and friends", produced by Sterling Entertainment in 2002. Just as other Sterling releases, this is a Region-free disc.

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Well, the good thing about this disc is that it has a lot of Max Fleischer stuff. I'm a big fan of really oldschool stuff like that. The bad thing is that the prints that these were taken from are very, very badly preserved, the colors go off at times, there's lots of scratches, and well, those stupid Mel-O-Toons...

I noticed that there were some shorts (mostly the Fleischer ones) that had mutilated credits. The first part was replaced by another company, then the intro credits would have blacked out areas, as if they didn't want people to realize that they were made by another company. And in the case of the Grampy short, the title was replaced with something that looked out of Microsoft Word.

And yes, I suck at reviewing stuff. Sorry. Anyway, hope this was worthy of a post.
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