November 4th, 2004


Big multi-store update!

I have to say I'm sorry for not updating this community as much as I should. It seemed that while some people found it interesting, it really wasn't getting out to anyone who cared. But I've recently gotten some letter from people reading it from outside LiveJournal land. Also, as I had predicted, the Cheap DVD phenomenon has exploded into places one wouldn't think it would go.One more thing, I haven't really been able to afford to buy many! Eventually I would rather this be a website, but for now, until I can find someone to help me make one, it will stay here. Now onto the good stuff.
Cheap(mostly dollar)DVDs have been sighted at these places:

99 Cents Only - This is the first place I ever found them, and now I have over 100 of the damn things. They sell dollar DVDs made by genius entertainment(they're branded "movies classics" and "television classics"), Treasure Box Collection, and Dollar-DVD(which is just a front for BCI Eclipse/Brentwood.) In some stores(Las Vegas included), certain genius entertainment discs have 10 minute phone cards in them!

During the month leading up to Halloween they had a special standee that looked like a coffin that had 10 Genius entertainment "cult classics" disc. The packaging was differently colored and half of them had already been released before.

Best Buy - During the two weeks leading up to Halloween they had the same genius entertainment coffin standee that was at 99 Cents Only. They had a deal that if you bought 4 of them you would receive 10% off any regular priced DVD.

Also the "5.99 and Under" section has exploded in my area. Lots and lots of quality(gasp!) stuff. Don't worry though, there's still a lot of crap, too. One surprising disc I saw was the special edition version of Basic Instinct.

Dollar Tree - They still carry a large variety of Treasure Box and genius dollar DVDs. During Halloween-time, they received a set of horror-related Treasure Box discs that mostly came from the Brentwood "Tales Of Terror" 10-pack. There were a few Alfred Hitchcock titles, but most interesting were copies of "Wes Craven's Chiller". Terrible source, though.

Another set they're carrying is a series of 25 animated literary classics put out by NuTech Digital.They're each a little over an hour long, and actually come in full size plastic cases. You can see them on the website, they're the one's with the silver "COLLECTOR'S EDITION" bands across the top. Funny thing, they used to exculisively sell XXX Adult movies.

Walgreens - Some have a selection of Treasure Box DVDs, mostly TV episodes. They sell for 1.99 each or 2 for 2.99.

Target - During Halloween-time, they carried a selection of Horror Double Feature DVDs by PC Treasures. Inc. Two old horror movies and a cartoon short per disc. They came in these odd boxes that are the exact same size as a DVD case, with a loose paper sleeve inside holding the disc. Quality is not that great, but they did release two sets with silent films: Nosferatu/Phantom Of the Opera & Hunchback Of Notre Dame/Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari.

Just in the last week or so, something else weird started showing up. genius entertainment re-releases in boxes the exact same size as the PC Treasures ones! Instead of a loose paper sleeve inside to hold the disc, there is a pocket attached on the inside. None of the Target genius entertainment "box" releases are different from the sleeve versions found everywhere else. All I've sen are various cartoons and TV episodes, but no movies.

In the last few month they also usually have a 5.50 DVD section with about 15-20 different titles.

Wal-Mart - Yup, the nation's largest retailer carries a small selection of discs by Digiview. These go pretty quick it seems. Not sure how long they'll keep bringing them out, but I hope it's a while, because although it's a lot of the same seen elsewhere, there's a few here and there that are not often seen, including a few 70's TV movies. They received 3 different shipments that I saw. The most recent were horror-related in time for Halloween. They're in thin slimline plastic DVD cases. Of course you can always stop by their 5.50 DVD bin that all the stores seem to have. Lots and lots of roataing titles by many different companies.

ShopKo - I know absolutley nothing about this store, but from a report i've found, back in March they had a selection of 1.99 DVDs from different companies. Lots of titles I haven't seen anywhere else on DVD or for that cheap.

Microcenter - They still had most of the Treeline single movie discs for 99 cents and the 3 and 4 movie Multi Packs for 1.99.

Family Dollar - The have a selection of about 10 different titles from Dollar-DVD(branded with a Family Dollar logo and price on the front), which is a Brentwood front. They also have some 5 dollar discs of major releases. I saw "It's Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" and the producers among others.

Big Lots - They usually have a selection of 5.88 budget DVDs, but most importantly, they carry the much lusted after Catcom double features for 4.99.

H.E.B. - This chain of grocery stores has started carrying a small selection of the recent slate of genius entertainment DVDs. This is where I found two Peter Sellers movies!
Whew! Lots of places to find great stuff. And don't forget, with the upcoming holidays, I imagine there wil be more and more. They make great stocking stuffers and I think retailers are realizing the impact of impulse buys of Cheap DVDs. Best Buy now has permanent shelves and bins of 5.99 DVDs set up all along the checkout lanes.

Also, I may be one of the few excited by this, but Teasure box will be releasing a whole line of obscure holiday movies and TV shows.

As always, any comments or reports of deals in your area are welcome.