September 3rd, 2004


Fred Olen Ray has made many films, but not these.

I've still been trudging through all the Treeline dollar dvds I got my hands on and I've been noticing all the mistakes on the covers. In this update, I've found out that Fred Olen Ray has had his name attached to films he didn't have anything to do with.

Ninja Death 1

There it is. "A Fred Olen Ray Film". Not according to his IMDb profile it ain't. Here's the next one:

Attack Force 'Nam

There it is again! "A Fred Olen Ray Film". Well they're almost right this time. I had trouble finding Attack Force 'Nam on IMDb, because it's not listed under that name(the original title is "Behind Enemy Lines." I've submitted the additional title.) But if you do a search for David Carradine and Mako, the three movies they made together were all released in 1986. Since the film is obviously not Kung Fu: The Movie, the copy writer just guessed that it was Armed Response. So while the description is correct, the cast and crew is from another movie. whoops.

I still have no idea why they attached him to Ninja Death 1...