August 16th, 2004


More "movie and television classics" dollar DVDs at 99 Cents Only

I noticed the other day that the 99 Cents Only near me(in Houston Texas) received a new shipment of the "classics" line of DVDs. These are the ones produced by genius products/entertainment, and while we've long suspected that they were the ones who produced all of this certain line of DVDs, we've never had actual proof, until now.

They've started putting their logo at the beginning of the DVDs. In this case, it's a collection of Little Lulu cartoons from the mid 40's.

After the logo, it's a simple menu with one big flaw, especially for a children's cartoon collection.

There's no "Play All" feature, and the cartoons go back to the menu after each one is played. Believe me, it gets pretty old real fast when you have to get up every 5 minutes to play the next cartoon for the little ones. Also, The description on the back is incorrect, and stolen form another source.

Ummm... Let's see, Tracy Ullman wasn't born until 1959, so what the hell are they talking about?

After doing some quick research, I found that it refers to this version of Little Lulu from 1995. And that they stole the description from the HBO Family web site.

That's not uncommon. I once found a description on the back of one of the Brentwood 10-Packs originated from an IMDb user comment!

The latest wave that 99 Cents Only has gotten in is about half cartoons(a Gumby disc!) and the rest is television, but there are a few movies mixed in there. Strangely enough, a few of them are themed discs with 3 detective or western TV show episodes.

Unfortunately, funds are low, so I can't snap them all up now while they're nice and organized, but I'll get what I can and report the interesting stuff to you.