August 1st, 2004


"You Bet Your Life" review - Treasure Box Collection

There are three episodes on this disc. The transfer is very nice and clear, not as blurry as most other TV DVDs. The DeSoto/Plymoth commercials are included. On the end of the third episode there is a commercial for shampoo with Harpo and Chico Marx that I suspect was not in the original broadcast. If you've never seen the show, Groucho Marx interviews two people for about ten minutes, and then asks them trivia questions for money. They usually feature interesting and sometimes strange people. It's very relaxed, and gives you an idea of the time period(and how little has changed.)

Although this is a Treasure Box Collection release, I think I know what the source of this disc is:

Look in the bottom right corner.

Yup, they stole this transfer from Platinum Disc Corporation, another budget DVD company.
Treasure Box isn't the worst cheap DVD company, but they're pretty shady. I have at least 30 of their discs and half of them have the exact same serial number...

I got this from either a Dollar Tree or 99 Cent Only store in Houston, Texas. There's an FBI warning(HAH!) and then a simple static menu which the three episode choices.