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East West DVD Animation titles

I've often proclaimed East West DVD as my favorite dollar DVD company. Not only do they put out some obscure stuff not usually seen elsewhere, but here's another reason why.

Four DVDs taken from animation collection videos, many based off of roadshow presentations I got to see in the theatres many years ago. I don't know who East West has doing their cover art, but they actually watched the discs and very nicely copied some of the art from the shorts. Well, except for the rabbit on the cover of Great Animation 2, that doesn't have anything to do with the content. I also have to note that much of this animation is not really suitable for children. They'd either find it boring, or it's not appropriate. The quality on these are ok, but they're obviously taken from VHS tapes. If you really want to collect these and have a videodisc player, most of the originals can be had for under 10 bucks on ebay.

Animation From Around The World
Taken from The International Tournee of Animation: Volume 4 (1991)

Animated Self-Portraits (1989)
Gisele Kerozene (1989)
The Arnold Waltz (1990)
Balance (1989)
Cat & Rat (1987)
The Train Gang (1986)
Sand Dance (1988)
All My Relations (1990)
Kakania (1989)
Shadrach (1989)
Slaapkamer, De (1990)
A Touch of Deceit (1986)
Slike iz sjecanja (1989)
Korova (1989)
A Warm Reception in L.A. (1988)

Animation Classics
Taken from Animation Celebration Video Collection Volume 1 (1991)

Auguszta szepitkezik (1983)
'Cat and Mouse' at the Home (1983)
Karakters, De (1986)
Pileto (1982)
Come Back To Sorrento
Disconnected (1988)
Happy Hour (1983)
Quasi's Cabaret Trailer (1980)
Mongo Makongo (1986)
Quest: A Long Ray's Journey Into Light (1986)
Kuku (1983)
Seiltänzer (1986)
Sunbeam (1980)
Traveling Light (1985)
Belle et la boîte, La (1982)
Second Class Mail (1985)
The Wreck of the Julie Plante (1985)
Animation Has No Borders (1986)
The Strange Case of Mr. Donnybrook's Boredom (1981)
It's an O.K. Life (1980)
Moebius Play (1985)
Dino Alley (1985)
The Chore (1987)
Broken Down Film (1985)

Great Animation 2
Taken from Academy Award Winners: Animated Short Films (1985)

Sundae in New York (1983)
Crac (1980)
Munro (1961)
The Hole (1962)
Moonbird (1959)
Closed Mondays (1974)

Great Animation Vol.3
Taken from Spike & Mike's Festival of Animation Volume 1 (1991)

Snookles (1986)
Primiti Too Taa (1988)
The Thing What Lurked in the Tub (1988)
A Story (1987)
Feet of Song (1988)
Charade (1984)
The Hill Farm (1989)
Western (1989)
Particle Dreams (1988)
Winter (1988)
Lea Press on Limbs (1988)
Bambi Meets Godzilla (1969)

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